Monday, December 8, 2014

Ford Taurus Lockout

Recently, I got a job from a locksmith company I am working with at the moment to unlock a trunk of a 96 Ford Taurus. When I called the customer to verify his location, he mentioned that he accidentally left the keys inside the trunk and closed it. In my experience, I knew this type of vehicle had a wider key-way than the older models made by Ford, so I knew picking it would not be easy with the picking tools I had. Once I got to the job site, I reached for my picking tools to try and manipulate the lock anyways. However, when I tried picking it, I noticed I did not had the tension wrench wide enough in order to apply the tension needed on the key-way.

While brainstorming other ideas to open the trunk, I unlocked the vehicle's driver side door in hopes there would be some sort of a trunk release lever hiding under the dash, on the side of the driver seat, or inside the glove compartment. Needless to say, I was not lucky to find any of those. However, just as I thought this won't be my lucky day, I noticed there was a release lever on the back seat of the vehicle. At that point all I had to do was lower the back seat using the release lever and retrieve the customer's keys from the trunk.  

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Avalon Lockout

I got a call one afternoon from a manager of a gift shop inside the air base close to where I used to live  to open a 95 Toyota Avalon. I was debating with myself if I should agree to take a lockout call that I knew I would probably not be able to complete. I was told on the phone that the owner of the car had been locked out for several hours and that both the base security police and another locksmith were making attempts to unlock the vehicle without any success. I informed the customer that I would be willing to come out and try to open her car, but there were no guarantees I will succeed.

When I reviewed my book for that particular vehicle's make and model, I thought that an under the-window tool would be the proper tool to work with. I inserted the tool, flipped the rocker button back and it sprang right back to the locked position. At that moment, I recalled reading about the Lexus GS300 where you had to manipulate the rocker button and pull up on the latch handle at the same time. I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it and to my surprise, the door opened fairly quick.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Camry Ignition Tip

Like any other locksmith technician in the area more than one time, an ignition I have serviced or have been trying to install, has fit into the housing on the column pretty tight, sometimes that much that I would have to force it in. The situation creates two problems, one of which I understand, the other I am not yet certain of. It is a fact that the tight fit of the ignition will cause some issues removing it at a later time. This situation for some reason will also cause the warning buzzer to go off non stop once the driver's side door is open, as if there were a key in the ignition even if there is not.

I can't fully understand the reason for that, but I suspect it got something to do with the ignition not being seated properly within the housing. The solution is fairly easy and simple if you have a razor blade available. Observe the ignition with the word LOCK on the face at the 12 o'clock position. At the 9 o'clock position on the side of the ignition you will find a small flat piece of rubber, running horizontally alongside the lock body. This particular rubber piece which most of the time will cause the ignition to have a tight fit and ultimately cause the key buzzer to go off randomly.

If you use a good razor blade and you have the patient, you can shave off layers of the rubber piece until the ignition will seat properly without being compressed inside the housing, or with a flat head screwdriver, the rubber piece can just be removed all together. This will solve the issue and the ignition could be inserted smoothly and will not cause any problems with the key buzzer going off randomly.

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