Monday, October 13, 2014

Camry Ignition Tip

Like any other locksmith technician in the area more than one time, an ignition I have serviced or have been trying to install, has fit into the housing on the column pretty tight, sometimes that much that I would have to force it in. The situation creates two problems, one of which I understand, the other I am not yet certain of. It is a fact that the tight fit of the ignition will cause some issues removing it at a later time. This situation for some reason will also cause the warning buzzer to go off non stop once the driver's side door is open, as if there were a key in the ignition even if there is not.

I can't fully understand the reason for that, but I suspect it got something to do with the ignition not being seated properly within the housing. The solution is fairly easy and simple if you have a razor blade available. Observe the ignition with the word LOCK on the face at the 12 o'clock position. At the 9 o'clock position on the side of the ignition you will find a small flat piece of rubber, running horizontally alongside the lock body. This particular rubber piece which most of the time will cause the ignition to have a tight fit and ultimately cause the key buzzer to go off randomly.

If you use a good razor blade and you have the patient, you can shave off layers of the rubber piece until the ignition will seat properly without being compressed inside the housing, or with a flat head screwdriver, the rubber piece can just be removed all together. This will solve the issue and the ignition could be inserted smoothly and will not cause any problems with the key buzzer going off randomly.

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