Monday, October 6, 2014

Chrysler Ignition Tip

Concerning the removal of  Strattec Ignition from various Dodges, Jeeps, Chryslers and Saturns, many locksmith technicians that I came in contact with seem to have an issue with this type of ignition. The following method I will describe will not damage the ignition, although it is recommended to be careful not to lose the active retainer, so you can use this technique whether the ignition is damaged or not. The following tools would be needed to get the job done such as ice-pick and a pair of pliers, the locking type preferred.

A spring steel plate holds in the active retainer on this style of lock from the exterior.The shape of the plug found in it will prevent from from pushing the retainer in unless the cylinder is turned, but the way the retainer pin is places there is its weakness.

First, the lower part of the column shroud will need to be removed, and possibly the panel underneath the column as well. Once removed, the active retainer will need to be located and then insert your ice pick alongside the Pin. Tilt the ice pick in such a way as to pull the retainer pin and out of the hole. While this is done, grab the pin with the pliers and pull down by jerking it a little bit. The pin should pull free of the flimsy spring steel fork holding it in place, and the ignition will now be safe to be removed with little to no resistance. From there, the ignition can be replaced or an access hole would need to be drilled for the sidebar where the lock can be picked and then fit a key.

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